Amsterdamaged: The End Of The Best Trip Ever

At 8am, we piled onto the coach to head to our final destination. There were lots of excited faces on the coach, probably due to the fact that we were headed to the one and only AMSTERDAM! On the coach that day, we were able to choose a song to dedicate to the trip, the group, a singular person, a country or a memory. It was lots of fun to hear everyones dedications! But it was also sad thinking that we only had two more nights left together. We had become one big family, and I didn’t want to think about saying goodbye.


We stopped in Edam, a city in the Netherlands, firstly, where we had a bike ride through the small country town. We were given a “Granny Bike” which I found difficult to get the hang of at first after having ridden mountain bikes in Austria. But I soon got the hang of it, and we were off cycling past lush green grass and many many canals. We stopped at a windmill where we had a group photo, which of course one of the boys (Daz) had to do something inappropriate in.

Blake, Chris and I
Group photo


After the bike ride we headed to a clog and cheese farm where a local explained to us about clogs, including their history, uses, and gave us a demonstration of how they make them. From there we went to a cheese tasting, which I very much enjoyed! I ended up buying two different types of cheese which were my favourites.


Back on the coach, we headed into Amsterdam where we checked into our hotel for the next two nights. I was sharing with Gemma, Jess and Taylah in a tiny hot room that was down the longest corridor. I did manage to grab a bottom bunk again! After somehow managing to all grab a shower and do our makeup in front of the tiny mirror, we headed downstairs for dinner. It was a buffet style dinner with more options then we ever got in a included dinner, and I ended up eating chicken schnitzel which was delicious! After dinner, we were back on the coach heading into the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

Mel, Taylah and I
Mel and I ready for a night out!
Georgia, Sophie, Emma, Mel and I
Cam, Teesh, Tyler, Daz, Caleb, Sara and I on the coach
“Backseat Bandits”- best people out!


The Red Light District was definitely another world. Girls dressed in next to nothing in windows coaxing customers in, sex shops on every corner, the smell of weed in the air. We had some spare time to ourselves before we had to meet up again, so a few of us girls went to the closest “coffee shop” to try some of Amsterdam’s famous cuisine. It tasted absolutely disgusting, and to our disappointment did nothing to us. But, when in Amsterdam.

Mel and I
The girls


Once meeting up with the group we went to Casa Rosso to watch a sex show… Yes, I repeat, a sex show! For the price we paid, we got two free drinks which I think most of us needed. It was hilarious watching people from our Contiki group having a male strip for them, show off their dance moves, and even eat a banana from a woman’s nether regions.

Mel, Rachael and I at the sex show


We then headed to a bar, where we had lots of dancing, drinking, and some more of Amsterdam’s finest. At some point in the night we all went out the front to go somewhere else, and for some reason we all separated. So I ended up at McDonalds with some of the group, and after that ended up just heading home.


The next morning we had a lovely departure time of 9:15. This morning we got to see a different side of Amsterdam. One we hadn’t seen the night before. We firstly went and saw the “I Amsterdam” sign which was pretty cool. Though it was full of tourists we managed to get a cute group photo of us all.

Cam and I on the coach
Group shot at the “I Amsterdam” sign


We then went on  canal bikes through some of the busy canals. I was in one with Tyler, Teesh and Mel. They were a lot harder to manoeuvre then we first thought, which cause many crashes with everyones bikes. The views, however, were beautiful. Eventually we managed to ride all the way up, where we hopped off at Anne Franks house. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to go there but its definitely on my bucket list.

Teesh, Tyler, Mel and I on the canal bike
Mel and I on the canal bike


We had free time for the rest of the day, so we ended up heading back into the Red Light District. We went for a self guided tour of the Museum of Prostitution, which was not only funny but it was pretty interesting to see a different side to it. After this we headed to an American-style restaurant where we had a massive feast. We had two or so more hours to spare after lunch so we just wondered about Amsterdam before the coach arrived to take us back to the hotel.


We had less then an hour before we had to leave again, but I managed to have a quick shower and get ready before we headed back into Amsterdam. Knowing it would be our last coach ride altogether made me really sad. Especially as my coach buddy and one of my closest friends, Cam, wasn’t coming as he wasn’t well (maybe due to some herbal viagra that he jokingly took…).

Jess, Taylah, Mel and I on the coach


Next, we went on a canal cruise where we cruised the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. It was a lovely way to start our last night together, sipping on wine, taking many photos, watching Amsterdam float by, and reminiscing on the amazing trip we had.

Gemma, Blake, Jess and I on the boat
Gemma, Blake and I on the boat


Our boat docked right near the “Sea Palace” where we would be having our final dinner that night. I sat on a table with Mel, Gareth, Luke and Julia, which was really lovely as they weren’t part of our usual group. We were treated to lots and lots (and I mean A LOT) of Chinese food, and washed it down with lots of wine. Though it was a lovely evening, there was still some sadness behind it knowing that it was our last. We finished it off with our last group photo.

Dinner with Gareth, Luke, Julia and I
Last group photo 😦
Gabi (coach driver), Jon (tour guide) and myself
Gabi, Mel, me and Jon


We then had a bar crawl starting off at “Chupitos Shooter Bar” which was a bar which served hundreds of different types of shots. This was one of the coolest bars I had been to on this trip, maybe in my life. I loved the “Harry Potter” style shot where they lit it on fire or the “Orgasm” shot which tasted like heaven.


After this, we went to “Club Hartje”which, again, was a really awesome bar. We had people doing body shots, lots of fun music (including our day song and wake up song), and lots more of drinking and bonding.


We then went to another bar, which I unfortunately do not remember the name of. Again, there was a lot more drinking and bonding, until we all started to leave. I ended up walking along the streets with Caleb and Gareth trying to find the rest of the group. We then ran into Luke who I went with to “Club Escape” to dance the night away with Luke, Sara, Joe, Taylah and Brett. It ended up being lots of fun and a nice way to end the trip.


The next day was so emotional! Saying goodbye to a group that in just twenty days had become family to me. I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I would see them, but it was so sad having to say goodbye to everyone.

The crew who came back to London
The crew who came back to London


Going on this Contiki trip was possibly the best thing I have ever done. It made me step outside of my comfort zone so many times and has definitely changed me as a person. I have so many memories that I’ll remember forever.


I have made so many new friends, many of who I told to at least once a week, if not every day. They say that travelling is not about where you are, but who you travel with and I can completely agree with that. I could have been anywhere with these people and still would have had the best time ever. I love these people so much!




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