Rhine Time!

This morning I wasn’t in the best of moods, probably because I was hungover and the trip and being sick were catching up on me. I was glad that today would be more of a lazy day. 8am we were on the coach and off to Rhine Valley. It was also Mel’s birthday today, so it was fun singing “Happy Birthday” to her, and giving her a penis shaped ballon curtesy of the tour guide and coach driver (maybe Gabi was hinting at something, Mel?! 😛 ).

Mel’s balloon


We made a stop in Heidelberg, where we got to take in views of the Heidelberg, before having free time to wander the town. I, of course, had to go buy some gummy lollies (what’s a trip to Germany without trying some?), and then Mel and I went into a Starbucks to get a cool drink, catch up on social media and relax before heading back onto the coach to make the final journey into Rhine Valley.


Dinner that night was definitely not one of the best dinners we had had on the trip. In fact, I think it was quite possibly the worse. I don’t remember exactly what it was (mince of some sort) but I remember not eating a lot.


After eating as much of the dinner as I could stomach, we headed over to a stein shop, where we were told about how they make steins and the different types. It was very interesting to look at all the different ones, and they even had a Contiki style one as all the groups who pass through Rhine Valley visit here. Unfortunately, they were all pretty expensive and I wanted to save the little money I had for Amsterdam.

Some of the steins available


After visiting the stein shop, we then went to a wine cellar where we sat around tables, ready for some wine tasting. This actually ended up being really fun, and we got to try all different types of wines. I am not sure if this is a thing everywhere, but they had a rule that if the bottle finished on you, you had to skull it and then be poured a new glass. It finished on me once (thank god it was okay tasting wine) and Mel was made to do it twice as it was her birthday. We even got to try ice wine, or Eiswein, which is expensive as it can only be produced in a limited time, when the grapes have been frozen while still on the vines.

Mel and I
Mel and I
Eye contact so we don’t risk bad sex


After wine tasting, we headed to our hotel for the night. It was like a little house with lots of different rooms in it, and had a very cosy feel about it. I roomed with Mel, Sara and Rachel which really lovely. After having a shower we headed down to the tiny bar, where we all chilled out and had a few drinks. Another Contiki group showed up, and we found out we would also be with them in Amsterdam.


I called it an early night, and headed to bed to rest up for our next and last stop- Amsterdam!


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