Bikes, beers and butt babes?!

A 7:30 breakfast and 8:15 departure, meant a bright and early start yet again. You’d think by now I would be used to it, but I don’t think its ever something I could get used to. I did, however, manage to make breakfast and have a bite to eat, which didn’t happen most days.


After leaving our accommodation, we headed over to Swarovski Crystal World. This is a place that I feel like now that I have done it once, I wouldn’t do it again. Yes, the displays were absolutely beautiful and so wonderful and unique, but now that I have seen it I have no desire to go back. I did treat myself to a Swarovski Ring, which I absolutely love!

Teesh outside Swarovski Crystal World
Swarovski Crystal World- Teesh and I
Swarovski Crystal World
Swarovski Crystal World
Swarovski Crystal World
Swarovski Crystal World


We then headed into Germany, where we made a stop of the Dachau Concentration Camp. Established in March 1933, this was the first of the Nazi concentration camps opened in Germany, and over 200,000 prisoners were cataloged as having passed through the gates. It was a very sobering and eye opening experience, and I didn’t take any photos as I just wanted to be in the moment and take it all in.

Cam and I on the bus


After arriving in Munich and checking into our accommodation for the night, we headed into the city for a bike ride through Munich. The tour group was called “Mike’s Bikes” and was the most hilarious tour I have ever been on. The tour guides were super cool, and I was in stitches all of the time! They nominated Teesh and Will to ride at the end of the groups as our “butt babes” so that no one got left behind. Before we rode into the Marienplatz (the central square), we had a talk about what we would see in the square, and they even had some of my fellow Contiki travellers pose for us to see.


After this we cycled through the English Gardens, which are so beautiful and I wish we could have spent more time exploring, to Chinesischer Turm, Munich’s famous beer garden. Here we enjoyed some German-style food, including pretzels which I HAD to try, and steins of beer. When I finally got back on my bike to ride back, I was definitely starting to feel it.


On our way back through the English Gardens, we passed by Eisbach, a river where there is a continuous wave. It was pretty cool to see the locals having to jump on the wave standing up and surf it.


One of the many lions- locals believe that rubbing it brings you luck


Statues in Feldherrnhalle
Statues in Feldherrnhalle
Statues in Feldherrnhalle
River surfing
Pretending to be statues
Bike riding with Cam, Tyler and Alejandro
The group after bike riding


After arriving back from the bike ride we had some free time before the coach picked us up again. We decided to go to Hofbrauhaus, a beer hall. It was crazy loud, with beer absolutely everywhere! It was lots of fun to be in that kind of surroundings, and Munich is somewhere I definitely need to go back to, especially in Oktoberfest time.


Back at the accommodation, we found out there was a bar/club underneath our hotel, so a few of us headed down there. Sara and I sat on the bar chairs and watched as some of the boys played pool. It was pretty chilled out, but a nice way to finish off our time in Munich.




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