Soarin’ Flyin’ Through Austria

This morning, both Gemma and I both woke up on the wrong side of the bed. If it wasn’t for Mel pulling us up and helping us pack our bags, I don’t think either of us would have been on the bus at 8:15am. But, knowing that we had a long coach ride ahead of us where we could spend most of the time sleeping made it that much better.


First stop, before heading to our accommodation, was white water rafting. I was actually quite anxious about doing this as I didn’t really know what to expect. We changed into our swimmers and then into wetsuits, life jackets and helmets before choosing our groups. It was meant to be half men, half female on the raft, but we ended with two boys (Jon our tour manager and the rafting guide) and the rest girls. We headed down to the water where we all jumped in to climatize to the cold water.


I can honestly say that I don’t know what I was so worried about. It was absolutely amazing! The water, though freezing, was so refreshing and definitely helped me forget about the events from the previous night. And the views were incredible! We played a few games such as standing on the edge of the raft and linking arms, and had lots of splashing wars with the other rafts. The rapids were a lot calmer then most people wanted, but it was still lots of fun!

Group shot


After we made it back to dry land, we changed back into warm clothes and I headed down to meet Mel, who had decided not to go rafting. Grabbing a slice of warm pizza from the cafe, we all sat in the sun to warm up, before heading back onto the coach.


Our accommodation was in Hopfgarten and was Contiki run accommodation, just like in France. Upon arriving, we checked into our rooms. I was again sharing with Gemma, Taylah and Jess (by now it had become second nature to just put our names down together) and I somehow managed to get a bottom bunk again (yay!). Afterwards, we all crowded into the bar where we were given a welcome shot, what I believe was apple schnapps. We were then told by Rhys (bartender) that they offer heaps of different shots, which made me vey excited to try some out!


After our shots, we headed into dinner where we were greeted by another Reece who introduced us to our Austrian feast, and told about our themed party tonight: tight, white and bright. Yet again, we all had to think about what on earth we were going to wear. Thank goodness I had a tight white top I could wear!


When we arrived at the bar later that night for our themed party, the onsites had organised a girl vs. boy battle. Gabi and Jon joined the girls team as there was more boys than girls, and were dressed up in skirts and wigs, which was hilarious! The battle involved trivia questions (which the girls won), and finished with one of the Georgia’s and Adam getting up on the pole and performing a dance for us, which was not only awkwardly hilarious but involved nudity (nothing the blue coach hadn’t seen before!). The boys somehow won (totally biased!).


The night ended up getting pretty hectic! Lots of dancing and free shots (thanks Rhys!). One of the bartenders was pouring shots into our mouths, and a couple of us girls were up on the pole dancing together. It was lots of fun, but I was glad to finally get into bed, knowing full well how crazy tomorrow would be.

Gabi, Mel and I


The next day we had many adventures planned! We had a bike ride and tandem paragliding planned (two of the Me Time Options) and finishing the night off with a wine festival in the town.


I hadn’t ridden a bike ride in years, so I was unsure whether I would enjoy it our not. But one of the bike riding guides became somewhat fond of me, and helped me out with a good helmet and one of the better bikes. He was riding at the back of the group, so Mel, Ange and I hung back with him and took our time. The scenery was amazing, and I am glad I didn’t rush off with the group so I had a chance to take it all in. We stopped at a river, where Ange and I dipped our legs into the absolutely freezing cold water (she was definitely braver than me and went all the way in). We also had another stop, where the whole group waited for us laggers, and got a few group photos. The rest of the ride was downhill, so I just went for it. The cold air on my face definitely helped with any hangover I may have had from the night before.

Views of the Austrian alps
Group photo
Group photo
Group photo- we definitely didn’t think this one through!


After the bike ride we had a BBQ lunch which consisted of a sausage sandwich and a soft drink. After lunch, Mel and I decided to do some washing, before she headed off to paragliding in her group. I was in the last group, so I ended up lying on the benches in the wifi section, catching up on all the Facebook gossip.


When it was my turn to go paragliding, we met our group outside the accommodation, before hopping into a mini bus to take us there. I ended up being the second last person to get their turn, with Gabi behind me, so waiting for so long made me so nervous. Everyone raved about it when they came down, but the fact that you literally have to run down a steep hill, nearly off a cliff, scared the living daylight out of me. However, like the white water rafting, I had nothing to be afraid of. The views were incredible and I didn’t want to come down!

Paragliding- before
Paragliding- before
Paragliding- after
Teesh, Blake and I after paragliding


After we returned to the accommodation from paragliding, I headed up to my room to shower and pack, before heading down to dinner. After dinner we, of course, headed over to the bar where we had way too many shots to count. My favourite ended up being a “sperm shot” where you had to hold your head back whilst the bartender poured the shot into your mouth, starting at your mouth and going upwards. It tasted absolutely delicious, even though a lot of it ended up all over your face and clothes.

“Sperm shot”
Gemma and I attempting to do the shot


After a lot of drinks, we then caught taxis into the local village for a wine festival. Mel and I went and bought a bottle of white wine which we seemed to finish off in no time! There is a lot I am still trying to piece together from that night, but we did have an early one when Reece and Rhys took Georgia, Sophie and I home. Probably a good idea!

Being “classy” with Mel
Sophie, Mel, Georgia and I


“If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try”- Seth Godin


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