Second Smallest Country- Home of Luxury

After yet another early wake up call (god I was already getting sick of these), we were on the coach at 7:45 am and heading off to the French Riviera. Again, though the scenery was absolutely beautiful, the majority of the coach slept the journey, mostly sleeping off hangovers from the Chateau.


Arriving in the French Riviera, we checked into our hotel, had a quick dash to the convenience store to buy alcohol (gotta love pre drinks), and quickly managed to get ready before jumping on the coach to head into Monaco, the worlds second smallest country. Along the way we stopped to get a few snaps of the beautiful scenery, and I definitely enjoyed checking out all the expensive and luxurious boats, imagining myself lying in the sun on one.

Mel and I
The girls
Jess, Gemma and I
Mel and I

That evening, we were left to our own devices for dinner, so a group of us went to the first restaurant we found, which I reckon most of the Contiki groups did, as it seemed like they were expecting us. It was a little Italian place, which seemed almost silly as we were going to Italy tomorrow, but I enjoyed a big bowl of pasta and a beer, before we wandered around the little streets of Monaco.

Dinner with Mel, Cam, Caleb, Sara, Ben and Daz


Before long, we met up with the rest of the group where we had the decision to either go take our chances at the Monte Carlo casino, or follow our tour guide to a rooftop bar. i chose the latter, which saw me spend $50 Aussie on just one cocktail. It was worth it though, as we were on rooftop bar, overlooking the second smallest country in the world.

$50 cocktail
Callan, Joe and myself at the rooftop bar


After this, we headed back to the hotel, where I decided to have a well deserved early night. I had the room to myself which, though at first seemed rather lonely, was actually exactly what I needed.


“For me, true luxury can be caviar, or a day with no meetings, no appointments, and no schedule”- Michael Kors.





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