Skinny Dipping in the Wine Region?!

Leaving Paris at 9am, after an early wake up call and breakfast, we headed onto the French Wine Region, in particular the Beaujolais Wine Region. Though it was absolutely stunning scenery, the majority of people on the coach slept most of the ride, most of us sleeping of hangovers.


This was the coach ride where I began to sit next to Cam, who would become not only my coach buddy for the rest of the trip, but a big brother and best friend to me for the rest of the trip. I am sure you will hear more about him, but I can tell you now that I have so much love for the guy.


Upon arriving to the Chateau (accommodation which Contiki owns in the Beaujolais Wine Region), we were greeted by two other Contiki groups (one which we had met in Paris), who we were to spend the next two days with. After spending time with these groups, it definitely made me appreciate my group  a whole lot more. These two groups were overruled by girls, whilst ours had more boys which made the group dynamic so much better!

The Chateau

After getting settled at the Chateau we headed over to the winery for some wine tasting. Now, at this point, I was not a fan of red wine, but free wine is good wine, right?! Here we learnt how to “taste wine” properly (look, smell, taste), and that we needed to look people in the eye upon cheering, otherwise you’ll experience seven years of bad sex.


After dinner, our “P” themed party began. My friend Mel and I dressed in our pyjamas because who doesn’t love having the excuse to wear pyjamas to a party?! The party was held underground in the “Cave”, and it was pretty insane in there with many many people drinking and dancing. Being as tired as I was, I ended up sitting in the wifi area with Cam and Mel, before Cam and some random girl decided to go food hunting in the onsites (people who work at the Contiki accommodation) rooms. I also ended my party night early due to being very tired, so no crazy stories unfortunately.

Mel and I in our PJs ready to party
Cam and I

The next day, we were given picnic baskets, poorly drawn maps and some red wine, and told to go on a walk to a picnic spot that should supposedly only take about 40 minutes to get there. After walking for what felt like hours in the sweltering hot, we decided to give up and have our picnic lunch where we were. Sitting in the tiny bit of shade that there was, we ate cheese and bread and drunk wine whilst looking out over the wine region.

The view from our picnic lunch
How to keep the drinks upright


Back at the Chateau, we quickly changed into our swimmers for a well earned swim and beer (or five). It was a lovely afternoon, spent lying in the sun with a beer in one hand, or cooling off in the pool.


That night was pretty crazy. I remember drinking a whole bottle of red wine to myself, before vomiting out a lovely red coloured mixture. And yes, like the title says, a group of us ended up skinny dipping in the pool, which we did get in trouble for from the onsites. Whoops! But, like Contikis motto says, NO REGRETS!


I think people spend too much time staring into screens and not enough time drinking wine, tongue kissing and dancing under the moon.



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