Two Days in London: Ten Lessons I Learnt

  1. The subways are as hot as I would imagine hell to be. Water is highly recommended and don’t even bother putting your coat on until after you get out of them.
  2. Your roommate could be the most amazing girl who you get along with fantastically (mine was) and will be rooming with for the rest of the trip
  3. Hostels have the best atmosphere. The bars are great fun!
  4. Getting over your anxiety of meeting people and not being alone on your tour means you need to get out and meet them despite the anxiety. If you can meet some people before the tour starts I would highly recommend it.
  5. Though everyone on your tour may be super different, you’ll all get along as everyone is super chilled.
  6. There is a lot to see in London and two days did not cover it.
  7. It is polite to stand on the left in Australia, but in London it’s the right hand side. I was very confused when I first go into London and it did take me awhile to get it.
  8. Make sure you bring comfortable shoes as there will be a lot of walking!
  9. Though I would highly recommend doing a hop on hop off bus tour or boat tour.
  10. And lastly, the weather can change in an instant. Literally, you are in your hotel room and it looks sunny and warm, but by the time you get downstairs it’s changed to overcast and windy.


Hope you enjoyed! Until next time
Emily xxx


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